Accessible Content

Digital content has revolutionised our world.  The impact of digital content for those with disabilities is even greater.  In the days before the internet, there were few options for those with a sight impairment to be able to access a newspaper or book.  If you couldn’t hold a book or newspaper you still couldn’t read it even with excellent vision.  For adults with cognitive difficulties, being able to hear text read out loud means they no longer need to struggle to understand more complex text.

There are still many barriers to clear and easily understandable text.  This could be for many reasons.  A short sighted person may need to magnify the text in order to be able to read it on the screen.  Another may need to change the look of it so that the text is white and the background is black. Someone who is unable to use a mouse will need to navigate using the keyboard. Surprisingly these simple changes are not always an option for some websites, documents and other digital content.

Content can be in any digital format.  More details on accessiblity in different formats are listed below.

Accessibility for different formats can vary and there is no universal fix that will make your content accessible.