Accessibility Webinars

invisible disabilities: learning, dyslexia, motor and sensory impairment.
Not all disabilities are visible

This is just a short post to highlight a couple of webinars that I‘ll be doing for Ufi VocTech Trust on the 4th and the 9th June. Ufi are a great organisation and they have pulled out all the stops to set up a funding round for organisations who have been forced to adopt online learning by the current corona virus pandemic restrictions.

As part of this they have implemented a series of webinars on ‘How to’ do various important aspects of online learning. In the webinar we’ll be looking at who benefits from accessible content (spoiler alert) – everyone. We’ll also look at some basic tests you can do to check if your existing learning materials are accessible and what you might be able to do to amend them.

It has been a big challenge to make the decisions of what to include and more difficult – what not to include. I have added a lot of notes and links so that at least delegates can get to more information if they need to. It’s a big subject and a quick half hour chat is really only skimming part of the surface of the subject.

I have included a link to the work that the University of Kent are doing on Accessibility and it seems appropriate now to add that their 2020 Digital Accessibility Conference is online this year, is free and you can register to attend on Eventbrite. There is a wide range of speakers and it is partly organised in conjunction with Kent County Council which has to be a good thing. One of my former colleagues is on the panel along with other advisors from a wide range of organisations including Jisc, Microsoft, AbilityNet and textBox.

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