New Resources from Techability

Techability is an Assistive Technology service provided by Natspec and The Karten Trust. They have produced a great selection of videos that combine to provide an excellent set of resources that explains how to use the built in options in a wide range of technologies to make using them simpler and easier. All users can benefit from knowing how to use these simple productivity hacks.

The resources are hosted on the Excellence Gateway. It seems that despite a significant overhaul of a few years ago, this site is still difficult to navigate. For some reason the resources are only linked to in a downloadable pdf poster. It is an interactive poster, with options to access each theme via a QR code or links. There is no other way of accessing the content from this Excellence Gateway page.

The resources are a series of well constructed, short videos that provide simple focused information that is easy to access.

Image showing the 5 themes for the accessibility resources.
Simple graphics showing the theme for each of the five sets of resources


Whether you have a disability or not some of these suggestions will certainly make your life easier. I have already added some shortcuts to my phone – inlcuding my address as suggested on the video. Using the magnifier on the iphone has to be helpful for anyone who might need text magnified – me trying to read the tiny text on those orange rail tickets.

Finally, if you haven’t used the reading option on the web before, I strongly suggest that you do. With this feature, it’s not so much that you need to know how to do it, but that it’s even there. Go on give it a go – you’ll find it so much easier.

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